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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a HVE-2D version of the database?

Yes. The HVE-2D version of the Vehiclemetrics HVE database includes 296 vehicles with the HVE parameters necessary only for HVE-2D.

Q. How important is the mechanical data that is specific to that vehicle?

That all depends on the type of simulation you are doing and the vehicle.  If you are simulating a collision that has very little pre- or post-impact movement, then the data will not have a significant effect on the predicted results of the simulations.  If your simulation includes a large amount of vehicle movement, then the data could have a significant effect.

It should be noted, however, that generic data includes average values for that specific vehicle class.   Therefore, if the vehicle you are simulating has "average" type parameters, then our mechanical data may be similar to the "generic."


The further the vehicle's actual mechanical properties fall from the average, the greater the potential difference could be in the simulated vehicle dynamics.

Q. Will there be updates and how frequently will they occur?

Updates are available to users who choose to subscribe to our annual updates and maintenance subscription.  This provides subscribing users with access to any updates throughout the year, improvements to our database, access to the vehicle datasheets, technical support and discounted pricing on custom vehicle orders.

Q. What about heavy trucks?

We have focused on these types of vehicles, many of which have been released in the recent updates.  If you have a particular need for heavy trucks, please let us know.

Q. Will interiors be provided? What about seat belt anchorage locations?

When we laser scan the vehicles, we scan the body, undercarriage, occupant compartment, trunk, engine compartment, and suspension;  virtually the entire vehicle.

If you have a particular need for a vehicle, let us know!

Q. How is the database licenced?

Currently, it is integrated into your existing HVE license manager.  The database can be utilized similarly to your existing HVE product(s).

Q. Can I use a Vehiclemetrics vehicle on a different HVE User ID?

Unfortunately, no.  Vehiclemetrics vehicles are handled by the HVE licenses distributed by EDC.  In order to add a vehicle to a simulation, that User ID must be have a license to access the vehicle.  To add access to the Vehiclemetrics database for a given User ID, please contact EDC for purchasing options.


Q. How do you purchase the database?

The vehicle database can be obtained directly from EDC or from Vehiclemetrics.  If ordering the database directly from EDC, it can be incorporated into a single invoice along with other EDC products.


To order a custom vehicle or an individual vehicle, please call Brian Gilbert, P.Eng, toll-free 1-855-966-3357 or

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