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Our aim is to obtain vehicle data that will allow computer simulation programs to better simulate vehicle dynamics and the kinematics of the occupants within.  Our focus and passion are guided by our needs and wants as accident reconstructionists to obtain the best analysis of a collision that science will allow.

Our team has over 55 years of combined experience in accident reconstruction.  Our engineers have direct design experience in the automotive and commercial airline industry.

We have experience using the following software:

  • EDC/HVE products since the mid 80’s (over 38 combined years of experience)

  • ATB since the late 80’s

  • MADYMO since the early 90’s

  • PC-Crash

Our specialists in 3D modeling, visualization, and CAD have extensive experience in generating models from various measurement forms including photogrammetry, total station surveys, and laser scanning.  Our team also includes an automotive and motorcycle master mechanic as well as a process engineering specialist.

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